Cooked Rolls

Big & Little                            

California Roll topped with shrimp, freshwater eel and eel sauce



Freshwater eel, crab mix and cucumber topped with avocado and eel sauce


Shrimp Asparagus             

Seaweed and soy paper wrapped shrimp, asparagus, cucumber and avocado topped with eel sauce


Spicy Shrimp California         

California Roll topped with shrimp, spicy mayo and Sriracha


Beef Teriyaki Roll

Grilled beef, cucumber,avocado, topped with teriyaki sauce (5pcs)


Chicken Teriyaki Roll

Grilled chicken,cucumber,avocado, topped with teriyaki sauce (5pcs)


Snow Crab Roll

Snow crab and cucumber(5pcs)



Spicy crab mix, topped with avocado,chili oil,spicy mayo, and eel sauce


Baked Blossm

Sushi rice topped with baked spicy crab,spicy tuna,spicy salmon mix,chili oil,

spicy mayo,habanero masago,green onions


Baked Cajun Albacore

Spicy crab mix baked with cajun albacore,lemon slices, chili oil,spicy ponzu,

house citrus,green onions,cilantro





Saku Saki Sushi

Japanese Restaurant

1232 W. Ave. K

Lancaster, CA 93534


Next to 24hr fitness at 13th St. W and Ave. K


Phone: (661) 942-1210


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