Lunch Plates:

(Served with steamed rice, miso soup, an​d house salad)

Chicken Teriyaki: $8      Beef Teriyaki: $9      Salmon Teriyaki: $11

(grilled and served with teriyaki sauce and steamed vegetables)


Pork or Chicken Katsu: $10     add curry sauce for $2 more

(panko breaded and deep fried)


Yakiniku: "chicken or beef" $12

(stir-fried brown onions,white mushrooms, and bean sprouts with Japanese barbeque sauce)


Sukiyaki: " chicken or beef" $13

(Japanese hot pot soup cooked with napa cabbage,brown onion,

white mushrooms,bean sprouts, and glass noodles)


Assorted Tempura: $8

(deep fried broccoli,sweet potato,grean beans,zucchini,pumpkin,

carrots, and shrimp)


Panko Salmon Tempura: $11

(panko breaded and deep fried served with tonkatsu sauce)


Tofu Tempura: $8

(panko breaded and deep fried served on top of stir-fried vegetables and tempura sauce)


House Curry: Chicken $10       Beef$11

(cooked with carrots,brown onions, and potato)


Yellowtail or Salmon Collar: $8









Lunch Bowls:

(Served with steamed rice,miso soup, and house salad)

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl: $7      Beef Teriyaki Bowl: $8

(grilled and served with steamed broccoli,zucchini,carrots, and teriyaki sauce)


Katsu Bowl: $9

(panko breaded pork and deep fried served with cooked eggs)


Oyako Bowl: *

(served with steamed chicken and cooked eggs)


Saku Saki Sushi

Japanese Restaurant

1232 W. Ave. K

Lancaster, CA 93534


Next to 24hr fitness at 13th St. W and Ave. K


Phone: (661) 942-1210


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